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The Platinum Walk in Bath will allow you to enjoy the pleasures of independent bathing again. The Platinum is designed to fit perfectly into your existing shower stall or previous bath tub. Our tubs are designed around your convenience and comfort for you to be able to bath without any assistance. Our Walk in bath tubs will allow you to enjoy the comfort of bathing in the privacy of your own home.

The magnificent Platinum will bring back the pleasure of a peaceful bath once again. The Platinum offers an inward opening door, making entry and exit from the bath a simple process. The Platinum offers the lowest step in on the market today which will in turn provide you with safety and comfort you are looking for. This 5 inch step will eliminate the need for any assistance when entering the tub. Once inside the Platinum, you simply lower yourself onto the 17" inch contoured cushioned seat and begin bathing.

Dimensions: 53" L x 30" W x 38" H
Water Capacity: 54 Gallons
Available Colors: White, Biscuit

Easy Entry
Extendable Shower Head
Hydrotherapeutic jets
Designer Roma fit faucets
Safety Grab Bar
Anti Slip seat and floor
Temperature control system
Low Step
Protective drain
Easy Entry and Exit
The Platinum Walk-in Bath offers the simplest inward entrance in the industry. With our 24" inch opening you can be sure to enter and exit with ease! The Platinum walk-in Bathtub entry and exit height is ideal for making your bathing experience as comfortable as possible.

Walk In Bath Inline Heater
Most traditional baths do not protect the user from receiving very hot scalding water when the bath is being filled. The inline heater will maintain the preset temperature and prevent you from such scalding water. Our system blends hot and cold water for you ensuring you never receive water temperatures that could harm you. Temperatures can be adjusted for comfort but the bather will never be introduced to a water temperature above the pre-set maximum.

Safety Grab Bars
The standard walk in bath does not have support rails located within the interior Bath. With your Platinum walk in bath, only ADA compliant grab rails are offered as an option to provide you with a sense of security.

Our inside corner grab bar is offered a polish chrome finish with concealed flanges and is a perfect to assist you in getting in and out of the walk-in bath. This support rail can offer assistance to a wide range of user needs, both for transfer and raising from the seat. Straight grab rails can be placed as needed.

Jet Hydrotherapy Therapeutic Massage
Let the 6-jet warm air massage system add a truly therapeutic element to your walk in bath system. The centrally located directional jet massage system uses only pre-warmed air or water to refresh and soothe your aches away. Typical water jet systems are known to be too aggressive for the frail or elderly, and can be irritating to any bather after short periods of use. A warm air system allows for stimulation of the skin and is not designed to penetrate deep into the muscle. Moreover, warm air massage activates the lymphatic system, while enhancing blood circulation An increase in blood flow is also known to help dissolve and eliminate toxins from the body. The combination of being immersed in water with a warm air system provides an incomparable therapeutic effect and offers the user that well deserved spa experience.

As our system does not re-circulate bath water you can maintain a bacteria free bathing environment, especially important when more than one person will be using the bath. The Platinum walk in bath air system provides a user-friendly control panel that will allow you to interchange between Hydrotherapy and an air massage. This last function initiates automatically, 20 minutes after every bath use, and purges any moisture from around the jet heads to ensure no stagnant water remains between bathing sessions. No cleaning or maintenance of the airlines is ever required!

Designer Faucets and Extendable shower Head
Our beautifully designed faucets is another way we bring you the ultimate in luxury. Our 18" inch extendable shower head assist you in getting to those are hard to reach parts on your body. The exquisite chrome polish faucets allow you to put this tub in any bathroom without losing that delicate feel.

Non-Slip surface
Anti-slip floor and Anti-slip seat.

Low Step
Our tub has a state of the art walk-in door allows one to easily enter and exit the tub effortlessly and safely. Simply open the latch, walk in, and close the door. It's just that easy.

Protective Drain
Overflow resistance with secured cable pop up drain.


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